I start by congratulating the two predecessors of the Health Monitoring Unit, on the work done in supporting the Health Sector to correct and perform better. Taking over the Health Monitoring Unit will not be to reinvent the wheel, but rather to build on the successes of the past two leaders and take the Unit further in achieving the mandate, His Excellency the President entrusted with the Unit.

The HMU will be inward looking in realigning our agenda as well as outward looking to ensure the improvement of delivery of Health Services. The HMU aspires to "raise the bar in HealthCare Service Delivery" thereby requiring consistency in evaluating the Unit internal processes and hold the Health Sector Institutions and stakeholders accountable.  The stakeholders include but not limited to, Government, Private Health owned ones, not for profit Health facilities, Regulatory bodies like the Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, allied health workers Councils as well other institutions that offer supporting roles like NMS, NDA and Development Partners in Health.

Leading HMU will be based on fairness in executing its duties and firmness in requiring responsiveness to issues arising within the Health Sector. The HMU work interrelates to many different institutions of Government and Partners in Health and as expected collegiality and respectability will be fundamental tenets and key in achieving the purpose and mandate of the HMU. Furthermore, leveraging skills and core competencies of partner institutions e.g. Directorate of Public Prosecutions and Uganda Police and many others will be synergistic and help realize economies of programming and accountability on misuse of Government resources.

I envision a Health Sector that is both efficient and effective in utilizing the resources of Government to deliver the expected services. The HMU shall provide a critical sound on Medicines procurement and utilization, drug expiries, Infrastructure incompleteness and shoddy constructions, misuse of Government funds and other malfeasance that generally affect the health sector.

Lastly, the HMU will provide to the Head of State, unvarnished, non-veiled and bare knuckle facts and figures from the sector, consistent with the expectations of the Institution of the Presidency.

Dr. Warren NAAMARA
Dr. Warren NAAMARAExecutive Director Health Monitoring Unit