Vision and Mission


HMU's vision is of a healthy Ugandan population supported by an effective and responsive health care system.


To monitor and support an efficient, responsive and accountable national healthcare system which provides accessible, affordable and quality services to the Ugandan population.


The Health Monitoring Unit’s work revolves around three strategic objectives:


Monitor healthcare service delivery in Uganda


Strengthen the Ugandan health system


Improve citizen ownership of health services

In order to achieve its objectives, HMU takes the QUIET approach which is an acronym representing its 5 core values: Quality. Undaunted. Integrity. Excellence and Teamwork
Quality: Our work and healthcare services should reflect globally acceptable standards.
Undaunted: We are fair and fearless in executing our work.
Integrity: We maintain integrity and expect it from all stakeholders.
Excellence: We pursue excellence in all we do.
Teamwork: We strive to create and maintain a team-oriented approach.

P.O. Box 25497 Kampala

Plot 21 Naguru Drive, Naguru

Tel: 0800200447 (Toll Free)

Office: 0312288300