Dr. Warren NAAMARA
Dr. Warren NAAMARAExecutive Director Health Monitoring Unit

Dr. Warren NAAMARA currently is the Executive Director of the State House Health Monitoring Unit. He is a Ugandan Public Health physician and Infectious Disease epidemiologist and has over 25 years working on HIV/AIDS prevention in East,  Southern, Central and West Africa.

He graduated from Makerere University Medical School and started his medical career in the rural parts of Uganda in early 1980.

He later worked at the Nairobi Hospital and moved on to do research on STDs and HIV/AIDS in Kenya Medical Research Institute before attaining a Masters degree in Public Health at Nairobi University Medical School.

He served as the Uganda National AIDS Control Program (UNACP) Epidemiologist, setting up epidemiological networks for surveillance and population surveys before being appointed the Director UNACP, a position in which he was the expert adviser to President Museveni on HIV/AIDS prevention.

He has served as a Resident Adviser on USAID funded HIV/AIDS programmes in Zimbabwe, worked with as long term management advisor for World Bank in reorganizing Health Services destroyed by Genocide in Rwanda before joining UNAIDS in the same country in 2008.

Dr.Naamara has worked as The UNAIDS Country Director/Representative in Rwanda, Kenya covering South Sudan before independence and Somalia, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

He has several publications in peer reviewed journals, and holds a number of management and postgraduate qualifications from the University of Toronto, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) at the Centre of AIDS Prevention Services (CAPS) and University of Leicester.